6 weeks with  2 person team

   5 key areas of deficiency

   25 best practices tagged for  

   universal deployment

   16 new improvements ID'd 

6 months with 8 person team

   Improved productivity 25% 

   Saved $100 million in cost

   First Time Thru Quality

      improved from 20% to 70%  

The Optio Advantage

Operations Transformation for Profit & Cashflow Improvement 

Build the proposal and win strategy for a $1 Billion+ international arms sale 

Case Studies

Examples of Business Unit Strategy 

Evaluate factory productivity & identify improvement projects

Case Studies

Improve Marketing & Sales Operations 

12 weeks with 1 person team

   Corrected product profit rates

   ID'd high cost root cause 

   Helped renegotiate pricing        

   Returned division to profit


Automotive Assembly Plant 


2 weeks with 1 person team

   Porter's 5 Forces Model

   Competitor Profiles 

   Market Size Estimate        

   Market Profitability Estimate

Assess warehouse operations to determine effectiveness improve rollout of new automation & process improvement 

Profitability Analysis and Improvement 

Develop a multi-million dollar account for a global professional services firm 

8 weeks with 2 person team

   6 plants evaluated

   124 heads reduced (9%) 

   ~ $8 million in savings       

   Plants agreed with actions 

3 months with 3 person team

   Gained entry to process

   Developed innovative offset

       strategy using venture capital  

Account planning for a global professional services firm

   Account grown from $0 to $10

      million/yr in 3 years

   Used a major change for entry  

Case Studies

Examples of Building Operations Excellence 

Case Studies

Examples of Diagnostic Evaluations 

2 yrs as EVP of global operations

   2X EBITDA to 10% on sales 

   Consolidated network to 30

      facilities with 3 newly built

    Launched Lean across  plants   

Market Size, Profitability and Attractiveness Assessment